Localization coordinator

Job description

Are you looking for a working environment with a team of fun, creative and passionate people who love their jobs and enjoy autonomy in the workplace?

Globalme is a language and technology company; featured for the second year in a row in Business in Vancouver's 100 Fastest Growing Companies in BC. We offer localization services for websites, mobile apps, and software, and provide a full set of services around the development of wearable technologies. In particular, speech data collection, functional testing, usability testing, user trials, semantic analysis and more, in North America and around the world.

We are now looking for a localization coordinator to join our team. 

Job Description: 

  • Manage Scheduling
  • Manage translation/localization projects and ensure quality, timely delivery, and profitability
  • Define project’s scope, risks, and necessary procedures
  • Scrub defects and assign them to engineering
  • Provide solutions and suggestions for process improvements within the company
  • Train and supervise translators and quality assurance testers
  • Create estimates and invoices
  • Ensure project documentation is up to date
  • Perform quality checks
  • Attend meetings with enterprise client
  • Work closely with engineering team on fixes, files upload/download


You are: 

  • Eligible to work in Canada. 
  • Experienced — Ideally (not necessary) you have at least 1-2 years of project management experience ideally related to localization industry. 
  • Familiar with CAT tools — you are familiar with different CAT tools and TMSes.
  • Achiever — you don’t settle for less and you can prove it.
  • Focused on quality — you pay attention to details and can’t stand sloppy work.
  • Foreign speaker — you speak at least one foreign language.
  • Hard worker — and you can prove it by your previous experiences.
  • Computer savvy — you consider yourself as a technical person and get excited about new technologies, applications etc.
  • Good communicator in written and spoken English — you need to feel comfortable in presenting your ideas.
  • Driven — you’re not someone who needs to be micromanaged and you don’t wait around for problems or quality concerns to hit others’ radars before brainstorming a fix.
  • Problem solver — you figure out problems that rarely have textbook solutions. “Let me figure this out” is a sentence you use often.
  • Open to receiving feedback — you focus on solutions and improvements rather than finding excuses why something doesn’t work.
  • Positive — you have a “nothing is impossible attitude”. You believe that everything can be done.
  • Self-starter — you see a clear link between your actions and their outcomes. You don’t sit around and wait for others to tell you what to do.
  • Student of life — you work continuously on being better in whatever you do and are interested in improving your skills. You can find online resources to learn things you don’t know.
  • People person — through effective communication and the right personality type you will be able to get the best out of the people on your team.
  • Clever and fast — you understand things quickly and are not confused about simple things.
  • Resourceful — you have a head with plenty of good ideas.